Brighton Royal Pavilion Art

Hello from Brighton, a famous historic seaside town in the southeast of England with ties to royalty (including Queen Victoria herself!) and one of the best LGBTQ scenes in the UK. This collection centres around a photograph print of Brighton's most iconic building, the Royal Pavilion, also known as Brighton Pavilion. It's a Grade I listed former royal residence built in the 1700s as a seaside retreat for George, Prince of Wales, who became the Prince Regent and later, King George IV. The Royal Pavilion is famous for its unusual Asian-themed architecture and "onion domes" and is one of a few royal residences no longer owned by Queen Elizabeth II and the current reigning royal family.

Available in over 10 different colours and styles, the "Brighton Pavilion" series now covers the full colour spectrum, with all the colours of the rainbow available plus black and white, sepia and our new "Pride" edition. You could even group them together to create a jaw-droppingly cool gallery wall!

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